Time for a new Water Heater?

Tired of taking cold showers? Maybe it’s time to do something about that hot water heater! We offer a variety of options including tankless, gas and electric. How large of water heater do you need? Below are some things to keep in mind when considering your options and size.

Hot water Heater faucet
Shower head

Even though most of us think that bigger is better, this is not true of a hot water heater. If your water heater is too small, you could be taking A LOT of cold showers. If it’s too big, you are wasting energy heating water that won’t be used. Consider some of these tips when choosing your next water heater.

  • Determine the home’s First Hour Rating (or FHR). This is a measurement of how much hot water the heater is able to deliver during the home’s busy hour, such as first thing in the morning when everyone is taking a shower. This rating should be on the yellow EnergyGuide tag on the water heater unit.
  • Not sure about how to determine the FHR for your home? Use this formula. You will want to figure 12 gallons of hot water per person in the home. Then take the number of bedrooms in the home and add 1. For instance a 3 bedroom home, you would want to add 1, so 4 total. Next multiply this number by the 12 gallons of water water needed; giving you a total of 48. This is minimum FHR number you want to have on your water heater.

For more information in Energy Guide labels, click here.

  • Take into consideration the “EF” or energy factor rating. You will want the highest possible for efficiency and keeping your utility costs low.
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