water going down drains

Drains are vital!

Drains, traps and vents are an important part of the plumbing system of any home or business. What comes in, must have way to leave. This means that any water that comes into your home needs a way to leave. The way this occurs is through the drainage system of your home. Most homes use a basic principle for plumbing and drain systems: A water line most often comes in around the home’s foundation and runs to a water heater. The water heater generates hot water for the entire house. Then, from the water heater, hot and cold water lines will run through the house and supply each of the fixtures with water.

Most people don’t realize how a home drainage system works and they assume when they release water from the sink or flush a toilet, the water simply goes away. This is however only partially true. More is involved in the process of removing waste water from a home or business. Each fixture needs its own drain line and each of the drain lines tie into a larger main line. This larger main line takes the water out of the house.

One of the most important parts of the drain system is a part called the “trap”. The trap does just that; traps water inside. This prevents sewer gases from coming back inside your home.

Did you know that vents are also an important  part of the drain system in your home?  Proper venting allows liquid to flow out of the drains smoothly. Most homes today, are vented through the roof.

The drainage system must be working properly to keep waste and water flowing out of the home.